Having the bookkeeping of your Startup developed by the Gerencial Team brings huge benefits:

  • Direct support in the professionalization of management and strategic planning.
  • Direct collaboration in the focus of the business.
  • Reduction of direct expenses on staff due to outsourcing.
  • Prompt response to the constant changes in accounting and tax rules.
  • Widely experienced professionals at disposal.
  • Avoid investments in accounting systems, training, team and process recovery, leaving the staff to be focused on the activities of the end of the project.

Transform the bookkeeping of your Startup in a real support tool for management.

Other Highlights:

  • Together with the monthly accounting reports, the Gerencial Team can provide a detailed economic and financial analysis accompanied also with simulations and recommendations, measuring its effects.
  • Direct support to tax planning.
  • Excellent internal structure involving both our professional team and technology.
  • The current structure of Gerencial allows us to act in several regions of Rio Grande do Sul and all around the country.